Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ten Aspects of Strong Leadership: Point #10

Today I finish up my commentary on the ten aspects of leadership that were put together by Chuck Lauer. He has done a good job of covering all the bases for distinguishing strong leaders from weak ones. The final point sounds like an entreaty to all leaders.

10) Have courage

There is no safe comfort zone for leaders particularly in trying times like we are seeing now. A leader must be willing to take risks that will ultimately benefit the entire organization. At the same time he or she may be putting their own career on the line, but that's what it takes. To paraphrase a popular saying, 'When the going gets tough the leaders start leading'. This does require courage even if you have solid information to base decisions on. In the real world, the proper direction to follow is rarely that clear cut.

At this point I would like to recap the 10 aspects of strong leadership.
1) Leading is not the same thing as managing
2) Don't live in a bubble
3) Cherish and respect employees
4) Choose a clear mission
5) Demonstrate integrity
6) Be transparent
7) Embrace responsibility
8) Share credit
9) Leadership isn't for everyone
10) Have courage

This is a pretty comprehensive list, but it does help to define who is a strong leader in the healthcare field. How do you measure up?

More on this later.

Mark Brodeur

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