Mark offers a series of complementary Webinars to help Hospital Leaders become a top financial performers.

How to Operate a Highly Functioning Emergency Department While Growing Revenue

Quality First and Finances Follow

Your Emergency Department is your hospital's true front door to the community accounting for roughly 1/3 of hospital admissions. Opinions formed in the ED make lifelong impressions about the quality and convenience of ALL hospital services. 

This Webinar looks at areas hospitals can address to improve their EDs performance such as patient throughput, staff productivity and building new business; as well as developing specific action steps to operating a highly functioning ED. Mark presents a comprehensive and coordinated approach that gradually changes hospital culture and allows for sustainable results. 

Mark demonstrates how the principle of "Quality First and Finances Follow" applies to all facets of healthcare, particularly the ED. "If you provide a high level of service, as measured by quality and customer service indicators, your ED will be more cost effective and business will grow," said Brodeur. 


Preparing Your Hospital for the Impact of Healthcare Reform

How Healthcare Reform Impacts Hospitals Regardless of its Final Form

Gain an historical perspective on how hospitals have coped with previous changes in healthcare reimbursement, which of those hospitals were successful and why. We will also cover which of these techniques apply to the current environment. Specific areas that hospitals should focus on will be discussed citing examples of hospitals that have made significant operational improvements in these areas. At the conclusion of the Webinar you will be able to develop an Action Plan applicable to your hospital for improving operational efficiency and growing new business.

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